Anthropocide, (literally ‘Humanity killing itself’) is a short abstract film that proceeds from the premise that consumer capitalism, exemplified by ubiquitous commodification, necessarily conditions society to indulge in Hedonism, the consequence of which will be the destruction of the environment upon which we depend for life and the subsequent demise of the human race.
The film contrasts metaphors of environment and generative cycles with metaphors of unfettered human interference, technology and commodification. With a veritable smorgasbord of visual imagery supported by an eclectic soundscape, Anthropocide aims to awaken the viewer’s rational sensibility, to acknowledge the true nature of the problem we face.

Anthropocide is best experienced with the use of headphones and in ‘full screen’ mode.

Feel free to share this film far and wide, let’s wake people up!

Our world is simultaneously being flooded, burnt, pillaged and fought over. Catastrophic extreme weather events have become the norm rather than the exception. We are told that reducing Greenhouse gas emissions is the only hope to halt the Climate crisis, this can be achieved if we consume more ‘Green’ products, or products from corporations that buy vast tracts of rainforests in the global south to ‘offset’ their carbon emissions. We are told that there is no need to alter our consumer habits, so long as we consume the products of ‘approved’ ‘green’ corporations.
I am not alone in recognising that this scenario is a lie, but the vast majority of people are blinded by a corporate media that actively suppresses the truth.
In my film Anthropocide, I use metaphors (some subtle, others not so much) in an attempt to bypass this conditioning and awaken people from the dream of reality in which we all participate. Time is short for us, we must acknowledge the danger our addiction has placed us in.

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